case study

Dr. Wendy Newton

A website for a licensed psychologist in portland, OREGON


Dr. Wendy Newton is a leading psychologist who has an established practice in the Hollywood neighborhood of NE Portland. She believes that therapeutic relationships are the foundation for personal growth, healing, and change. Her clients contact her directly via email or telephone to book their appointments.


  • Website Redesign
  • Contact Page Design with clear details for contact
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Easily maintainable website


Hear from Wendy

My practice is really busy - love the new website.

Dr. Wendy Newton, PsyD
Psychologist, Oregon

The Problem

  • Wendy is a 64-year-old psychologist and has been practicing for years but never really had the time to create a website that would reflect her 100%.
  • Her website was very outdated, probably created in the ’90s when HTML and CSS were coded by hand.
  • She wasn’t showcasing what services she provided in a detailed manner for clients to understand.
  • She was ready for a website that accurately reflected her brand.
  • She also wanted a website that was easy to update so that adding new content would no longer feel overwhelming.
  • She wanted her clients to be able to download forms and fill them in (with auto signature) online and email them to her.
  • And of course, she wanted her new website to help her attract more clients.

The Goal

Until we started working together, Wendy wasn’t really focusing on her website and the impression that it made on her clients. She was finding it so difficult to add any new content to the website as she didn’t know how to navigate the backend to edit content.

We agreed on the following goals for Wendy’s website:

  • A complete site refresh.
  • A website based on the latest web design trends.
  • A showcase of Wendy's specialties and expertise.
  • The site architecture and navigation to provide for a fluid experience for her clients.
  • Make sure her clients find what they need on her website to be able to make a decision.
  • A fully responsive solution.
  • A web platform that was easy for Wendy to be able to edit and update content.
  • A website that would have a nice, visual appeal that would attract more clients.
  • Able to add new forms, insurance providers, and resources herself using CMS.
  • Create a custom header for each page using the abstract art in the main logo.

My Process and Insight


I put together a mood board based on some latest web design trends.


Wendy had a logo and some branding, which I used to guide the styling of the site. Invigorating salmon and blue accents were chosen to look striking against the clean white background. The overall look needed to feel therapeutic, and welcoming like Wendy's approach and philosophy.











I used Arima Madurai for custom headings and Mulish for other headings and the body text.

Arima Madurai

Designed by Multiple Designers, Arima Madurai is a display font with soft edges and calligraphic feel is the main inspiration for Arima project.

The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.


Designed by Vernon Adams and Jacques Le Bailly, Mulish is a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, designed for both display and text typography.

The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.


Wendy described her brand personality as calm and serene, which I used as the anchor for picking beautiful pictures. She wanted me to pick out photos, nature, and serene stuff. We used images that accurately and realistically reflected Wendy’s audience.


Wendy’s website needed the following pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Forms
  • Resources
  • Contact


I started with wireframing all the pages for Wendy’s website.


I created the designs using Figma and shared them with Wendy as images. Wendy absolutely loved them!

Challenges & Solutions

Here are some of the challenges that I faced while designing for Wendy and how I approached solving them.

CHallenge #1

Wendy wanted a custom header for each of the pages on her website. Her main logo is made up of smaller abstract art pieces put together. She wanted to have a unique header using each of those abstract art pieces.

Since her header was originally an image, I carefully positioned it in Figma and extracted each of her images and created a unique-imaged header for each of her pages

CHallenge #2

Wendy wanted her 'Specialties' showcased on the Home Page in an artsy way. She wanted a paint splatter image as a background for the same. I used the following images that she loved to give it a unique twist.

The Results

Wendy is very happy and satisfied with her website. These are the 3 areas in which we succeeded together as a team.


Wendy feels very relaxed and satisfied with her website and so she is able to focus on maintaining relationships with her clients and treating them.


Wendy's new website gives her the confidence to display her website among her peers and her colleagues in her area. She is now bold and confident in her practice.

New Clients

Because of her new website, Wendy is busy with her growing clientele and this makes her happy and satisfied with her profession.

Hear from Wendy

Bernice was great to work with, from beginning to end. I highly recommend her. She walked me through the process, responded quickly and well to my feedback and suggestions, and created a webpage I love. I am not tech savvy but she was able to explain the process to me as we went along and helped me problem solve effectively. She was very easy to work with.

Dr. Wendy Newton, PsyD
Psychologist, Oregon