CASE study

The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine

A Career in TRaDITIONAL AND INTEGrative Medicine


The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine (ICTIM) provides professional training in the use of herbs, natural medicine, and other traditional therapies.

ICTIM delivers a science based Higher Diploma in clinical Integrative Medicine and extensive programs supporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support the demands of health practitioners.


  • Understanding the target audience.
  • Website Branding.
  • Wireframes
  • Custom Design and Asset Creation
  • Custom Layout of Higher Diploma and CPD courses.
  • Course Breakdown and Custom Content Structure



Web Designer and Webflow Developer


Dr. Rosarie Kingston

Hear from Rosarie

Bernice was, and is, an absolute treasure to work with. Her patience was admirable and her ability to get to grips with a difficult task was amazing. We look forward to further work with Bernice on other projects

Dr. Rosarie Kingston
Medical Herbalist, ICTIM, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

The Problem

  • No Awareness - People in the health industry aren’t aware of the courses offered in the field of Traditional and Integrative Medicine.
  • Few enrollments.
  • No user engagement.
  • Lack of clarity in understanding the purpose of the courses offered.
  • Their announcements about upcoming workshops needed to be clearly seen on their website.
  • Creation of a clear branded identity.

Problem Breakdown

This is how I broke down the problem to make sure I set my goals right.

  • Understanding the target audience and what they are looking for on the website.
  • Defining website goals.
  • Defining how success looks like in terms of the website.
  • How can we measure goals?
  • Understand competitors.
  • Strategy.

My Approach and Solutions

The target audience consisted of the following demography


  • Mainly healthcare professionals.
  • Anybody that can do PG Diploma with preliminary training.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Medics.
  • Nurses.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Osteopaths.


These were the actionable goals for the website.

  • To increase awareness of the brand.
  • Lead Generation so that users can receive valuable content about upcoming workshops.
  • Sales - Get people to enroll with ICTIM to develop their careers.
  • To improve the overall user experience when a user lands on the website.


Keeping these goals in mind, I researched some of the competitor websites for ICTIM.


based on market research

These were my conclusions based on the market research that I performed.

  • Change content on page to be more concise and bring value to potential target audience.
  • Create a email marketing strategy.
  • Use imagery to suit target audience.
  • Choose colors and fonts according to target audience.
  • Redefine the header and footer.


The first thing I discussed with the client in terms of the content was from the perspective of User Experience. The Home page(Landing Page) and the Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine are the main pages where many users will land on the website.

landing page/home page strategy

  • This is the main page where all course selections are available(Should be vertical)
  • Hero Section should show the benefits of studying with ICTIM.
  • Each course showcased on this page should have the following elements - Image, Course Name, Short Description and CTA to Enroll.
  • When clicked, the user will be directed to the Relevant course page.
  • A comparison of the two courses should be done.
  • Social Proof and Testimonials of students and medical professionals.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Higher diploma page strategy

The Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine Page will have a main hero section with a testimonial and a small block with important information. The Course is broken down into small sections so that the user can easily navigate the page and get relevant information.

visual strategy

This is the visual strategy for the website.

  • Using images such as Herbs, Nature, Scenery etc.
  • Usage of Icons.
  • Professional and Career oriented .
  • When clicked, the user will be directed to the Relevant course page.


These were the wireframes that were created for the website.


Rosarie preferred a simple font for his website that would be bold and represent him well. I chose Cabin for the headings as well as the body text.


Cabin is a humanist sans font inspired by Edward Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, with a touch of modernism. Cabin incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements of the geometric sans. It remains true to its roots, but has its own personality.

The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.


ICTIM's brand colors were blue and orange. I used white as the body background color. A bold blue was used for headings and text and Orange was the accent color for buttons.







ICTIM white



I used blue and orange icons that convey trust and value to the user clearly.


For the Hero Section of the website, I used stock photography that represented the purpose and idea of the Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine.


These were the designs that were created for the website.


The Results

The new ICTIM website increases awareness of the college and its courses.  Users are able to easily navigate the website and find what they need.

User Experience

The users that land on the website are easily able to navigate and find what they need.

New Users

Because of the website, users are able to sign up for the courses.


The website is used as a Marketing tool to get healthcare professionals and medical professionals to get a Higher Diploma Degree.