CASE study

The Nexus Group

A website for an established psychiatric practice in pittsburgh


The Nexus Group is an innovative, integrative Pittsburgh-based psychiatric clinic. The clinic specializes in advanced nutrient therapy and the promotion of healthy lifestyle practices. They are unique in that we take a whole-body approach to treatment, combining conventional psychiatry and psychotherapy with mind-body techniques. Their goal is to get to the root cause of your behavioral health conditions.Nexus also provides advanced depression treatment in the form of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) and other mental health disorders.


  • Creation of a Brand Style Guide
  • Consistent branding across the site.
  • Styling and component creation.
  • Modifications of all pages as per Brand Style Guide.
  • Creation of new pages such as TMS Therapy, Blog, Privacy Policy, and FAQ
  • Subtle animations and background images.
  • Creation of functional footer for the site.



Web Designer and Webflow Developer

Hear from Hang

Thank you for fixing all the edits!

Hang Ho
Chief Operating Officer, Nexus Group

The Problem

  • The Nexus Group at Pittsburgh had its website initially hosted in Squarespace.
  • They had their colleague design the website for them in Webflow.
  • Going LIVE wasn’t an option at the moment as the project took longer than they anticipated.
  • They wanted a brand new TMS Therapy page to showcase their TMS services.
  • They also wanted additional pages and forms designed.
  • The branding was inconsistent across the site and the site needed a Brand Style Guide and consistent branding across the site.
  • The site wasn’t mobile responsive.
  • This was also a rush project with a deadline within a week.
  • Move the client from Squarespace to Webflow.
  • There was no functional footer for the site.

The Goal

I set these goals to ensure smooth completion of the website branding and tweaking.

  • Create a Style Guide to ensure consistent styling.
  • Create new components as per the requirement and the brand.
  • Ensure creation of new pages according to the Brand Style Guide.
  • Modify the existing pages as per the Style guide.
  • Designing clear forms and simple, beautiful, and reusable UI components.
  • Mobile Responsiveness.
  • Creation of new backgrounds that matched their brand.
  • Ensure that the site navigation provided a fluid experience to their clients.
  • Make sure their clients find what they needed on the website to be able to make a decision.
  • Make sure there were sufficient CTA's to be able to contact them.
  • Create a simple and functional footer for the site.

Challenges & Solutions

Here are some of the challenges that I faced while fixing site issues and how I solved them.


  • Met with Hang Ho(COO) to analyze requirements for the website.
  • Establish Brand Guidelines and Colors of the palette.
  • Documented all requirements and enhancements.


The site didn’t have a clear visual hierarchy and the headings and their sizes were all over the place. I helped solve the issue of missing Visual Hierarchy in the website by creating a Brand Style Guide.


The site’s navigation menu wasn’t fluid and not mobile responsive. I was able to fix the navigation menu and the related animations to have a more fluid experience on desktop and mobile screens.


Hang wanted to showcase Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as their main service and wanted a page exclusively dedicated to this. These were the requirements of the client:

  • Benefits of TMS Therapy.
  • What conditions Nexus treats with TMS Therapy.
  • How they treat it.
  • Who treats them.
  • What patients can expect with the treatment.
  • TMS Schedule.
  • Testimonials from TMS patients.
  • Insurance.
  • A form for patients to fill up to see if they qualify for TMS.

I created a simple and clear page for patients that visit the site to understand what Nexus offers them in terms of TMS treatment.

I also created some reusable components on the page to showcase their treatments.

I also created a TMS Testimonial Slider for Patient Testimonials


The client wanted an FAQ page to answer the patients’ questions. I created a custom accordion FAQ element for them in Webflow.


Patient portal landing page

The Nexus Group wanted a Patient Portal Landing page for instructions on how to use the Patient Portal.


The Results

The new and updated website helps The Nexus Group connect with their clients.  They find relevant information about the practice and their services. Clients and Providers find it very easy to contact the physicians at The Nexus Group either to start treatment or to refer patients.


The Nexus Group is now able to connect with their clients. Clients also land on the site and are able to contact Nexus Group for their treatments


Clients find the new Nexus site very easy to locate info that they require. Physicians are able to contact Nexus much more easily because of how I laid out the site.

New Clients

Because of their new website, Nexus is able to meet growing clientele and establish a name for their psychiatry practice.