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A website for a B2B SAAS Business - Startedge(formerly Eyerate) - The #1 Employee-Driven Growth Platform for Customer Reviews


Startedge(formerly Eyerate)


Webflow Development

about client

Startedge’s platform helps service brands increase their online presence and reputation with Google reviews. They offer a unique incentive program for employees to earn money for each positive mention in a Google review. The client needed a website to showcase their services and solutions.

project overview

The scope of the project involved creating a 17-page website for a B2B website called The plan was to customize a template called Experia purchased from the template marketplace. My role involved creating a Style Guide in Webflow based on the Brand Style Guide incorporating the Brand's colors, fonts, and assets. After that, I created pages based on the Figma designs provided by the designer.

The #1 Employee-Driven Growth Platform for Customer Reviews


Webflow Development

Website Maintenance


The project's hurdles included:

  1. Tight schedule.
  2. Exporting high-quality images from Figma and compressing them to be used in Webflow so that the website's speed is optimal.
  3. Integrations with Hubspot, Telecom, GA, etc.
  4. Creating banners and notifications with cookie consent.
  5. Seamlessly integrating Webflow's CMS features.
  6. The site had to be made SEO optimized for search in Google.
  1. In spite of the tight schedule, I was able to prioritize tasks and meet tight deadlines.
  2. Exported Figma assets in 2x quality and compressed them for the web.
  3. I was able to seamlessly integrate with Hubspot, Telecom, etc.
  4. I used Webflow components to create notifications and banners that incorporated cookie consent options.
  5. I was able to seamlessly integrate and incorporate Webflow's CMS features.
  6. I was able to migrate all old blog posts from the old platform and set up 301 redirects.
  7. All my pages were created with on-page SEO in mind.

1. User-Friendly Website: I designed an easy-navigation website for the business. Users are able to access all the pages of the website very easily.

2. Mobile Responsiveness: The website was designed to be responsive, allowing users to access it on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

3. Support and Maintenance: I provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the website continues to run smoothly, with regular updates to improve functionality and address any issues.

4. User Training and Documentation: To assist users in making the most of the website I assist the SaaS company by providing training resources and documentation, such as video tutorials and user guides.

Bernice jumped into a last min rebrand project and got us to the finish line in two weeks at deadline. She took on a completely new website with nearly 20 pages to build out and made it fast + visually appealing. I will continue to work with Bernice for her communication and ability to execute.

Raj Nijjer, Tech CMO, Arizona

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