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Dr. Andrew Chung


Brand Identity, Web Design and Development

about client

Dr. Chung is one of few dual-fellowship trained spine surgeons in Arizona who has trained with both world renowned neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons.

He brings the best of both worlds to offer the latest in ultra minimally-invasive, non-fusion, and outpatient spine surgical techniques.

project overview

Dr. Andrew Chung is a highly respected spine surgeon based in Arizona, known for his expertise in advanced spinal procedures. His existing website, while informative, had become outdated in both design and functionality, failing to fully meet the needs of his growing patient base and the modern digital landscape. The primary goal of this project was to revamp Dr. Chung’s website to create a more engaging, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing online platform. The redesign aimed to enhance user experience, improve accessibility for mobile users, and organize medical content in a more accessible format.

Where mobility begins anew


Brand Identity

Web Design

Webflow Development


Dr. Andrew Chung's website suffers from an outdated design, poor mobile responsiveness, and inefficient content structure, diminishing its effectiveness and user experience. The absence of interactive elements and technical shortcomings further compromise the site’s performance and patient engagement. A strategic redesign is crucial to modernize the website, enhance usability, and accurately reflect the high standard of Dr. Chung's spine surgery practice.

  1. Design Update: Implement a modern, clean design that aligns with current web standards and reflects the professionalism of Dr. Chung’s practice.
  2. Responsive Web Design: Ensure the website is fully responsive across various devices, particularly focusing on optimizing for mobile users.
  3. User Experience (UX) Enhancement: Streamline navigation and content structure to facilitate easy access to important information, such as services offered, patient testimonials, and educational resources.
  4. Content Reorganization: Revise and reorganize existing content to improve clarity and readability, making complex medical information approachable for the general audience.
  • Improved user engagement and satisfaction, as measured by metrics like session duration, bounce rate, and user feedback.
  • Enhanced accessibility and user experience on mobile devices, resulting in increased mobile traffic and engagement.
  • Strengthened online presence and brand image, aligning Dr. Chung’s digital footprint with his professional reputation as a leading spine surgeon.

Dr. Andrew Chung, Spine Surgeon, AZ

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